Store and Display Books

A collection of books can be a decorative element in a room if you learn how to display books in an effective way. Learn how to display books for easy reference as well as for decoration.Choose the type of books you have and how they’ll look best. Remember that you’ll want to read the books from time to time, so make sure they’re easily accessible.

Add family photos and decorative objects to bookshelves to break up the look.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Varies Depending on the Size of the Collection

Here’s How:

  1. Collect the books you want to work with. Sort them by category or author.
  2. Stack books vertically on a bookshelf as in a library. Start with taller books to the left and shorter books on the right.
  3. Lay the books on their backs with all the titles facing up for easy reading. Have the larger books on the bottom of the pile and the smaller ones on top.
  4. Install a shelf about 15″ from the ceiling of a room. Line the books up either standing of flat. Be sure you have a step stool within easy reach so that you can get to the book you want.
  5. Place collectible or first-edition books in a closed cabinet or bookcase to preserve them and keep them dust-free.
  6. Place cookbooks on the kitchen counter where they’ll be used. Keep splatters off the book with a plastic stand and protector.
  7. For a large collection of good books, build a narrow set of built-in shelving filling a whole wall. Shelves about 12″ will hold most books and won’t take up too much floor space. Use decorative molding to frame it off and go around any windows on the wall.
  8. Place some large books atop a footstool or small ottoman beside a chair. Have a piece of Plexiglass or glass cut to cover the top book and use the stack for a side table. Add a reading lamp if there’s enough room.
  9. Build shelving above your computer screen for reference books used at your desk. They’ll be within easy reach as you work at your desk.


  1. Do not store any books in a damp garage or basement.
  2. Store each category of books that you’ve sorted where they’ll be used. Cookbooks should be in the kitchen, novels in the family room or bedroom, reference books near the desk.
  3. Alternate vertical books with books lying down and add plants or objet d’arts for interest.
  4. Dust off the books regularly to preserve them.
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